• Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023

Russian Army BOMBS Airport Hangar Storing West-Supplied Weapons for Ukraine

Russian missiles have struck an arms depot housing weapons from the United States and European countries donated to Ukraine.

The Russian defense ministry said its Kaliber missiles destroyed hangars in the Zaporizhzhia region of Ukraine which contained “a large batch of foreign weapons and ammunition supplied to Ukrainian troops by the United States and European countries”.

Yesterday, Russia accused the West of “pouring oil on the fire” with weapons deliveries fueling the nine-week-old conflict. 

They have also repeatedly warned that such weapons donations are legitimate military targets.  The U.S. and European countries simply ignored such warnings and continued shipping weapons.  Those weapons have now been destroyed.

The United States and NATO have ruled out sending their own forces to Ukraine, but Washington and its European allies have supplied large quantities of weapons to Kyiv, including drones and anti-aircraft and anti-tank missiles.

Source: halturnerradioshow.com

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3 thoughts on “Russian Army BOMBS Airport Hangar Storing West-Supplied Weapons for Ukraine”
  1. The weapons were made by the huge deep state military complex… made millions more for them to line their pockets with. It’s all being made known and they are going to be arrested and tried and hung. Praying for that time to be revealed.

  2. *****”Well..I must say,” Jack Benny. I’m in a playful mood this morning. My comments have been drenched with gallows humor. So this whole thing strikes me as hilarious. We print more and more money to pay the military/industrial complex to build all these weapons thus making the dollar worth less and less just so the Russians can have all the fun of blowing them up. Why should the Russkies have all the fun? Let’s contract with Milo’s corporation to destroy them for the Russians and keep all the fun for ourselves. We could let contracts for the coverage of the destruction and NBC or CBS could have a jolly good time, catch it 22 hours a day and cry into their champagne and caviar for two hours a day. “Eight days a week. I loooouvvvv you.” The Beatles. It would help cover the costs if CBS kicked over a few billion for the broadcast rights. Perhaps they’d get a better audience than NBC got for the recent winter Olympics which seemed to consist only of the ski-board sports and the fixed ice events. All the rest required paying for and I’m not about to pay for something I should get for free while watching their propaganda, mind-programming commercials.
    *****As far as I’m concerned we were robbed of coverage of the fireworks when billions of dollars worth of weaponry was destroyed by a few million-ruble missiles. Rotten Russkies, they get to have all the fun. Only 10 congressmen voted against the recent 33 billion aid package to Ukraine. I’m proud to say that one of them was my man. I was pretty despondent that so few voted against pushing the Russians up against the wall and forcing them to submit to the US/UK Imperial Alliance. I actually had some small hope that The Don could reestablish the Republic which fell so long before, just after the assassination of Abraham Lincoln by a Tory sympathizer; for such was the Confederacy or the Democratic Party which were one and the same. I guess Ashli Babbitt will have to live on only in our memories as it looks like the vast majority of our Masters in Washington are united in their determination to continue the enslavement of the AmeriKan populace to their will. Our only entertainment in that arena will be the gladiatorial games between the Imperial factions. As we’ve seen, Imperial politics can get rather nasty. Let’s hope the targets are much bigger in the future than a single Air Force Veteran mother. “Under the spreading chestnut tree, I sold you and you sold me.” Remember, “1984” by George Orwell was a love story after all. Happy Forever War to you all.
    *****God Bless Us All

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