The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation talks about “Ukrainian biological laboratories”:

Hunter Biden-linked Rosemont Seneca Foundation, Soros Foundation, US Agency for International Development and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Briefing by Chief of Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Protection Troops of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation:

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By Morgan

One thought on “Russian Ministry of Defense: Hunter Biden, George Soros, Pentagon & CDC Involved In Ukrainian Biolabs”
  1. I’ve gotten to the point that I don’t believe a word from the lying mouths of our own government and its propaganda mills. I don’t understand how anyone could. Now that does not mean I believe everything the Russians say but I believe them more often than I believe the criminal Western Dictatorships. I think they found biological research laboratories as it makes sense to me that NATO would use Ukraine for something they didn’t want in their own backyards. NIMBY. What those labs were actually doing may or may not be questionable, however they certainly show a lack of respect for Ukraine on the part of NATO and the NWO don’t they?
    God Bless Us All

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