• Sun. Sep 24th, 2023

Russian TV Sets Stage for FURTHER INVASIONS!!! Poland, Baltics!!!

Readers of this web site, being far smarter and more intuitive than the general public, know all too well how the mass media is used by governments to “set the narrative” and drum-up public support.  Well, look what is now appearing on Russia state TV . . . 

The short video clip below from Russian TV earlier today shows the news people openly discussing the invasion of northeast Poland, all three Baltic states (Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia) as well as Gotland Island off the coast of Sweden:

Most interesting about it is the reference text on the map to “NATO.”


Tonight (Sunday) on Russia’s flagship TV news channel, this was stated:

The words above about Ukraine can well fit the nations of Poland, and all three Baltic states.  The words indicate how Russia views being gradually surrounded by NATO bases, all with missiles aimed at Russia.

Any movement at all against _any_ of those nations would trigger the NATO Mutual Defense Treaty, Article 5, –collective self defense — and would literally mean the outbreak of World War 3. 

It now appears that horror may not be too far off.

For Russia to be using its state-owned TV news to talk this up, shows me things in our world are about to get very, very, much worse.

Source: halturnerradioshow.com

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One thought on “Russian TV Sets Stage for FURTHER INVASIONS!!! Poland, Baltics!!!”
  1. We are reaping the grapes of wrath. “Mine eyes have seen the Glory of the coming of the Lord.”
    Where does the wrath originate? I believe it is militant atheism and hypocrisy. Evil people suffer from these illnesses of the mind. They expect to be able to control, enslave and dictate with lies. They’ve done a pretty good job of it for quite some time. God is patient but sure. When will His wrath be poured out on the liars and the atheists who cannot abide the honest beliefs of others? If we have WWIII and are totally destroyed make no mistake, we deserve it. Pray not for justice but for mercy.
    The Russians feel threatened and they are acting to ensure their security. I believe very little our governments in the west say. That is the reward of hypocrisy. Doubt and disbelief. Will the trio of little states so foolish as to join NATO when they should have remained neutral be spared? I doubt it unless they pose no threat to the security of Russia. It the fools insist on continuing to threaten and dominate Russia there will be hell to pay. The Federation is defending the neutral zone.
    Could such a conflict spread and become WWIII? Many people fear it could be so. I have my fears as well. So far Russia has behaved with patience and reason. I believe they are on God’s side for we exhibit neither of those characteristics and they are some of the hallmarks of those who give allegiance to Yahweh, Jehovah, Allahu or Brahma. Let us pray for God’s mercy as well as His justice on this earth. His Will be done.
    God Bless Us All, Allahu Akbar, May the Great Brahma Bless Us, May the Great Spirit be merciful…………………………………………………………….The nine billion names of God.

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