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Shock confession of an American General: “We only paid 66 billion for Ukrainians to die for our interests”

“What is our goal and strategy”

American general Jack Keane admitted on the Fox News channel that “only for $66 billion, we put Ukraine at war with Russia.”

According to him, the United States has invested about 66 billion dollars in the Kiev regime since February of this year, which helped to arm Ukraine and build the local society for war with Russia.

The four-star general said that “investments in Ukraine today are very profitable, because for relatively little money in the interests of the United States, not Americans die in the war with Russia, but Ukrainians.”

The confessions of the former chief of staff of the US army are so cynical and frank that they hit hard all pacifists and supporters of a peaceful settlement of the conflict in Ukraine.

The questions of who attacked first and why this is necessary disappear by themselves.
You just have to listen carefully to the general’s words:

“Some Republicans question the propriety of our spending today, including on Ukraine.

But we have a budget of 6 trillion. dollars and, in reality, it is several hundred billion more.

We invested crumbs in Ukraine, only 66 billion a year.

This is 1.1% of the budget.

And we have disproportionately large benefits.

What is the goal of the US?

Jack Keane clearly shows the goal of the United States.

“Washington was able to do the main thing, create a serious opponent for Moscow on the borders of Russia, which should prevent the Russian leadership from pursuing a policy of influence in Eastern Europe, especially in the countries of the former USSR.

This will deny them the opportunity under Putin to realize their ambitions, how to take back, for example, some of the former Soviet republics.

And, if that happened, and Russia still occupied some former USSR republic, then NATO would start a war.

The scale of this war would be much larger than what is happening now.

And the dangers of nukes would be much greater.

And the consequences of such a conflict are completely incomprehensible and not obvious to either side.

This is what we avoided throughout the Cold War, a conventional war between two nuclear powers.

Therefore, such an investment, especially in Ukrainians, who are fighting Russia for the interests of the United States, is very profitable.”

Source: warnews247.gr

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One thought on “Shock confession of an American General: “We only paid 66 billion for Ukrainians to die for our interests””
  1. “The four-star general said that “investments in Ukraine today are very profitable, because for relatively little money in the interests of the United States, not Americans die in the war with Russia, but Ukrainians.” This is an obvious fabrication since that Neocon Warhawk has better grammar skills than that sentence would imply. …not Americans (?) That is not my General Jack, no way.
    ¶The sentiments expressed by the article however are quite correct. 66B is extraordinarily cheap to buy a nation such as Ukraine with a compliant population so well under control they willingly march to their deaths on the Eastern Front. Not to mention the vast grain fields and the puppet in charge of the puppet state, Elensky. The Russians have stolen his “Z” and placed it on their vehicles and shoulder patches. The UkrainianSecurityAgency was bought so cheap I can’t believe the UnitedSecurityAgency went for it. Surely they would have been suspicious of such a bargain? Yes, there is a fly in this ointment.
    ¶The geography is impossible for United Security Agency (USA) military operations on a large scale. It’s an obvious trap set up by our old friend The Russian Bear who is fit as a fiddle and ready for love. Any large scale troop reinforcement by the USA would be dealt with harshly since they would be surrounded on three sides from the get-go. Impossible. If the fools do it I would of course question the intelligence of even my old Neocon buddy General Jack (The Ripper?)who advises the Neocons on this matter. :):)
    ¶Public propaganda is of course another matter entirely. It assumes great importance in such a large security force operation which is seeing the CIA and several small unit special ops contingents hard at work spending the avalanche of funds. 66B may be chump change to the nation as a whole but the corporation (The Praetorian Guard) is pickin and grinnin. I wish them well, if they continue using good sense, Ukraine will become a devastated state, fit only for growing grain and the immense fortunes garned by the military/industrial complex with the usual bribery will keep the Corporation in pretzels and beer for a decade or more. Gratz! General Jack De Ripper. :):) Feel better now? I know how to stroke a genuine old line Warhawk though I will admit I was angry before I understood the ultimate aims of the Ukrainian adventure.
    ¶The point of the whole thing is putting a crimp in the plans of an economic rival such as Germany and the rest of the EU by cutting off their energy sources and forcing them to take more of the share of their own military security. The sabotage of the Nordstream lines is all-revealing. The rub is of course the Russians, they will need to be mollified, though I think the land route to the Crimea will help ease their minds a great deal. The extra land at the expense of the Ukrainians in what can be looked upon as a post-Soviet border adjustment will also help. Screw the Ukrainians, they are Nazis. So are the Progressives but that lunacy is well in hand. Nothing like having the only guns in town is there?
    ¶God Bless Us All

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