Former British heavyweight champion Julius Francis (who fought Mike Tyson) now working as security at BOXPARK Wembley and dealing with some trouble today…

It does not end well.

That was so clean A+ job

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By Morgan

One thought on “Short skinny loud mouth punk picks fight with former opponent of Iron Mike Tyson”
  1. Thanks Morgan. You made my day with this one. I work part-time as a public safety officer and I could see that all that guy had to do was walk away peacefully. But nooooo. He had to be the big man and provoke the security guards. In his mind they had to take it because…. Well, the big guy didn’t take it. Unfortunately, he will probably get fired and there will be repercussions from the fascistic government but at least the instigator and provocateur got a nice nap. I mean really, out cold. One punch. Sweet. Guy should get a medal.
    God Bless Us All

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