• Sat. Sep 23rd, 2023

Simon Parkes: Situation Update- Major Happenings! (Video)

Simon discloses some major events that are happening RIGHT NOW!

Major happenings afoot, don’t miss this one!

We are at the cusp of something so big, it could change the very face of history! 

Source: beforeitsnews.com

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2 thoughts on “Simon Parkes: Situation Update- Major Happenings! (Video)”
  1. There are pictures taken for old-fashioned film to produce photographs that require flashbulbs, the White House is not being prepared for destruction.

    The Cuban Missile Crisis, The Russian Collusion Mania, The Covid Paranoia Syndrome and now the Ukrainian Invasion Crisis. All have one thing in common; the enemy being fought did not exist or was no real threat. The missiles in Cuba were there to thumb the nose at Kennedy for putting missiles in Turkey and when Kennedy caved and pulled them out of Turkey it was downplayed leaving the heroic image of Kennedy having made those nasty Soviets back down. Pure Hollywood and political theater in order to distract, delay, deflect. The Russian Collusion Mania has been thoroughly debunked as lies in service to deflect attention from Hillary’s E-mail scandal . The Covid Paranoia Syndrome is coming to its inevitable end as it was obviously a new cold from its inception as the symptoms showed, it deflected attention from The Steal which revealed that the US was not a representative republic but an oligarchic and autocratic empire with an appointed emperor, the very modern definition of a Bolshevik government, which with its alliance with the Socialists became a new Soviet of the Americas. The Covid Paranoia Syndrome seems to have fully served its purpose as few realize what has truly happened or are keeping their mouths shut and working behind the curtain like Trump, DeSantis and others who have formed a ‘shadow republic’ to counteract the ‘shadow empire’.

    Now Ukraine. The Russian Orthodox Republic undoubtedly has no intention of encroaching any further into Ukraine unless they are attacked. The western dictatorships are fully aware of this, Putin has been most vocal. I doubt the Russians have near the numbers of troops on the border as their propaganda mills would have you believe. Legacy media such as BBC, NPR, CBS, ABC, NBC and the host of other puppet propagandists are ever-ready to play along if they even realize the scam that is occurring. Some of the centrist news outlets certainly seem to have had the wool pulled over their eyes so far. I believe this Ukraine thing is just another Cuban Missile Crisis to make Brandon look like a tough he-man cold warrior when the Russians back down and don’t attack Ukraine which they never had any intention of doing in the first place.

    Be of good heart, continue the non-violent fight, be ready to respond when the evil ones escalate their political shenanigans to the filling of mass graves, if the Forever War gets hot again continue the non-violent fight with our protests, excellent vlogs like this one and small contributions like this blog. Also, buy plenty of popcorn if you’ve done all you can against the evil winds. Might as well, if you can’t do anything else, enjoy the show. :):)
    God Bless Us All

    1. I’ve tried indenting the paragraphs and putting double spaces between the paragraphs, neither works. Sorry about the wall of text, it seems it can’t be helped on this site. Oh well, it is what it is and I find this site to be on the side of the good guys. I intend to continue blogging here from time to time. My way of fighting evil you might say for I surely do. It is my Tao.

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