By: Mike Adams / Natural News 

Today’s Situation Update for January 16th is largely bad news, so listen at your own discretion.

Trump’s pathways to victory are collapsing, but they are not yet gone. There remain three options for Trump to remain in power and secure a second term:

  1. DECLASS documents coming Monday may be game-changers.
  2. The Insurrection Act can still be deployed, but it seems no one in the military is willing to follow those orders (unless they are keeping it a really good secret, which is certainly possible…).
  3. The military itself may be carrying out a pro-America “military coup” to overthrow the deep state and save the republic.

However, the vast majority of evidence stemming from actions by Trump officials — Chris Miller says he is leaving the DoD on Wednesday, for example — indicates that Joe Biden will be sworn in and America will fall to a radical left-wing authoritarian police state.

Under that scenario, censorship will worsen, conservative speech will be criminalized as “terrorism,” and a fascist military police state posture will be rolled out across the country.

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By Morgan

2 thought on “Situation Update, Jan. 16th, 2021 – PSYOP Revealed, D.C. Prepares for Large-Scale War! – Mike Adams Must Video”
  1. This is the first time I heard your podcast and I must say it was very informative. Thank you for all the insightful information and hard work you put into this. It is greatly appreciated. Keep the faith and God bless.

  2. I am praying for Trump to play his Trump Card. I strongly believe that Chris Miller could be releasing the Partial truth about Trumps Plans! Yes maybe he is planning on leaving DC…. to be in Airforce one and use his Trump Card from there! I like to believe thats the case! Please Trump pull this Off!!!! Anerica Needs you Bow More than Ever!

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