This is situation update from January 8th 2021.

Mike Adams speak about so much intel from couple of sources that President did not concede.

Listen bellow:


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By Morgan

2 thought on “Situation Update Jan 8th – Trump Fighting From Secure Location, Did NOT Concede! – Mike Adams Must Video”
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  2. Mike
    Not sure the Babbitt shooting was real. The glock seemed aimed lower than where her neck was located at the time. Neck wounds are very messy with damage to the Jugular vein or the carotid arteries. The blood would literally be on the ceiling and everybody nearby. Also you do not usually pass out immediately. You choke on blood in the airway and are very terrified for a moment or two before passing out. I reviewed the video in slo-motion and saw none of this. She was also moving her feet after hitting the floor. Softly I might add.

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