How utterly inefficient to deploy 30,000 troops for “riot/protest control.”

That’s 60,000 MRE’s (meals) for food PER day, dozens of outhouses for restroom facilities, 1000’s of gallons of liquids, millions of bullets, etc.

More deployed than required to invade a country??!

This, versus maybe 1,000 highly trained high-elevation snipers, with automatic rifles, real and rubber bullets, tactical net launchers to launch nets, tear gas, etc.

10-15 helicopters on standby, a few fighter jets.

Include a warning that any intruders will be subjected to “shoot to kill” orders. Razor wire (as they have) fencing around the entire premises, even electrified wired, and every single person allowed in must be vetted.

The military CANNOT be there solely for riot/crowd control, period.

It’s entirely inefficient and makes little to no sense.

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By Morgan

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