• Mon. Sep 25th, 2023

Something Juicy is Cooking in Arizona Right Now and it Has Dems Shaking in Their Boots…

It looks like Dems are having their goose cooked in Arizona right now…and it smells delicious…

Well, if you’re wondering why the Dems and media are petrified of this audit, and the GOP is basically dead-silent, what’s happening in AZ right now will probably explain it.

There has been a very big discovery and turn of events in AZ, and it has a lot of people scrambling.

Newsmax is now reporting that it’s an “undeniable fact” that the election in AZ was “rigged” after county officials deleted an entire directory full of election databases just before the election equipment was delivered to the audit.

Here’s what Emerald Robinson said:

“Guess what: it’s an undeniable fact now that the 2020 election was rigged in Arizona. Maricopa County officials deleted a directory full of election databases right before the election equipment was delivered to the audit. And now they deny they have the router passwords.”

And here’s the evidence that the Maricopa AZ Audit Twitter account shared showing the alledged “deleted files”:

Here’s what Rasmussen is reporting on the deletion:

What does this mean?

Well for starters, many are pointing out that this is a violation of an earlier subpoena and it also is against the actual law that requires “election data” to be kept for 22 months in case there needs to be an inspection.

Many are now calling for the arrest of the “Board of Supervisors” and any county election or IT person who participated in deleting those files.

Here’s what GOP head Kelli Ward has to say about the turn of events:

“No wonder Maricopa County & the Democrats have been trying to prevent this audit…”

Why on EARTH would you risk everything – maybe even face jail time – to delete those files?

What the heck is on/in them that you’re trying so desperately to hide?

Could there be another logical reason for those deletions?

Hopefully, we’ll find out the answer to that question, and a whole lot more very soon.

Source: waynedupree.com

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