• Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023

Sweden Corona Statistics tells the true story of Covid-19

I had a look at the published statistics over corona deaths from Socialstyrelsen (Swedish organ for social issues).

Sweden has no required masks and only 1 in 20 is wearing one. People are going to food shops normally, going by public transport, eating out and shopping. There are no restrictions except i think its not allowed to gather big groups anymore (but it’s a new recommendation from just a month back or so).

The document is here (in Swedish): https://www.socialstyrelsen.se/globalassets/1-globalt/covid-19-statistik/statistik-over-antal-avlidna-i-covid-19/statistik-covid19-avlidna.xlsx

Summary below for everyone who doesn’t speak Swedish.

We are about 10 million people in Sweden.

  • 9211 people has died.
  • 8381 people who died was 70+ years old (91%)

From the people who died, many had previous conditions :

  • Heart decease (4641)
  • High blood pressure (7272)
  • Diabetes (2573)
  • Lung decease (1376)

Number of people in above groups:

  • Not part of above groups (1358)
  • Part of 1 group (2420)
  • Part of 2 or more groups (5433)

So basically, people who died from covid 19 was 70+ and often had previous severe conditions.

NOTE: Only 90 people under the age of 50 has died in the entire country!!!

830 people under the age on 70.

This, in a country with almost no masks and hardly any restrictions.

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