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COVID Vaccines: Complete Failure?

A color-coded map of the United States is leading many rational people to conclude that the so-called COVID “Vaccines” — are a complete Failure. As of the 29th of December,…

December 2021 – all hell breaks loose

NWO talking head Joe Biden made his outrageous mandate on 9 September 2021 (Thursday) about the forced vaccination, to be done within 75 days. That means, by 23 November 2021.…

“We Are NOT Slaves!” – Thousands Rise Up Against New World Order in NYC

Thousands of citizens took to the streets of New York City to protest the ‘New World Order’ on Saturday in opposition to Biden’s unconstitutional vaccine mandate. WATCH: “We will not…

President Putin BANS Mandatory Vaccinations in Russia: ‘We Are a Free Country’

President Vladimir Putin has declared that mandatory vaccinations will never be allowed because Russia is a free country and its people are sovereign. “No one should be forced to get…


If They get Jabbed after watching this They Are Beyond Saving PLEASE SHARE IT WITH FRIENDS & FAMILY WATCH: Source: ncrenegade.com

Stay Away From Vaccinated People! Vaccine Shedding To Others! – Must Video

WORLD DOCTORS DIRE WARNING:!!!! Stay Away From Vaccinated People! Vaccine Shedding To Others! Watch: Source: beforeitsnews.com

First Legal Case Against Mandatory COVID Vaccination Filed in U.S.

As COVID hysteria continues to grip America, a highly coordinated public campaign by media, government and Big Pharma has penetrated the psyche of the nation – pushing the idea that…