• Mon. Jan 30th, 2023

David Nino Rodriguez

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  • Juan O’ Savin & David Nino Rodriguez: “The Baptism of American Blood” (Video)

Juan O’ Savin & David Nino Rodriguez: “The Baptism of American Blood” (Video)

Juan and David are back for this special report and Intel update about where America stands now.. Folks, we are at the cusp of what can only be described as…

SG Anon & Juan O Savin, Derek Johnson & David Nino Rodriguez Major Intel! – Video

Y’all talking about the president getting the vax! He didn’t get the original vax! He got the therapeutics meds! He didn’t get the regular COVID jab! think about it what…

Juan O’ Savin: Exclusive Intel With David Nino Rodriguez – What’s Next. You Will Not Believe It!! (Video)

Watch this exclusive Intel drop with Juan and David! You will not BELIEVE what’s coming next! This is Intel everyone needs to hear!!  Follow Us on TELEGRAM Watch: Share far…

New Juan O Savin & David Rodriguez: The Kill Shot – Getting Back To A Constitutional Republic

Basically.. According to Juan the military must make a move soon. America is captured and we are going to get back to a constitutional republic,but the killshot must happen. Trump…

Juan O’ Savin: Huge Updates With David Nino Rodriguez, Charlie Ward,and Ann Vandersteel (Video)

The awakening is spreading like wildfire and the people are waking up from a long slumber that consisted of political corruption and the lies we’ve been fed. In this very…

Juan O’ Savin, Delora O’Brien, and David Nino Rodriguez: Major Truth Intel Drop (Video)

Juan O’ Savin and David Nino Rodriguez reveal major information in this latest intel dump. The discussion also touches on the loss of CirstenW. We are all anxiously awaiting the…

Juan O Savin “It’s Coming Off The Rails

Juan O Savin and David Nino Rodriguez. Never give up and always show up. Source: beforeitsnews.com

Juan O Savin: A-Domino-Will-Fall: MUST VIDEO

Juan O Savin and David Nino Rodriguez: A-Domino-Will-Fall Must Watch: Source: beforeitsnews.com

Jaun O Savin “What’s Coming” David Nino Rodriguez

Jaun O Savin “What’s Coming” with David Nino Rodriguez WATCH: Source: beforeitsnews.com

Scott McKay Patriot Streetfighter ROUNDTABLE With Navy Seal Mike Jaco & Champ David Nino Rodriguez! – Must Video

There’s no statute of limitations on TREASON! 🤬 WATCH: Source: beforeitsnews.com