The party of satan? Are you serious? Has this title pricked your sensitivities? The Democratic Party Has Become The Party of Satan. Has that not become obvious of late? Think I’m exaggerating? Let’s look at the tip of the iceberg to see why this makes so much sense.

The Democratic Party and leading democrats have been pushing a satanic agenda, not just an old fashioned 1950s liberal agenda. You’ll recognize these core agenda items as you peruse them:

  • Abortion, and not just the murder of babies, but murder with glee and excitement in their faces and passion in their voices. They love to kill babies with some kind of deeply embedded perverted evil motivation. This is satanic.
  • At a Texas event where Christians were singing Amazing Grace to celebrate Governor Rick Perry’s limits on abortion, democrat protestors chanted repeatedly “Hail Satan.”
  • The Democratic Party has moved from supporting extra-marital affairs and homosexuality to strongly endorsing all manner of sexual immorality, including unnatural sexual relations between men and between women, and they have stood strongly behind the transgender movement, bestiality, and even pedophilia. The evil of Jeffrey Epstein’s world had democrat participation, and while we’re thinking about Bill Clinton, it was Bill Clinton who blew the lid of any boundaries that existed on the subject of what sex is when he was President. This paragraph could be a book of its own, but let me just say that we are now watching the DNC elect a Presidential Nominee who has a history of fondling and inappropriate contact with children, and a VP pick who rose to political power in California by prostituting herself. Many long time Californians know this. I’ve heard from people who were there when she was first elected DA in California. They even explained who she had sex with, but I don’t want to go into detail on this. There is no limit to the sexual immorality of these democrats. No limits. No boundaries whatsoever. And they want to force this upon you and your children. Tell me that isn’t satanic!
  • Democrats have no problem with genocide.
  • Democrats have no problem with shredding the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights. They’ve been diligently trying to do that for a couple of decades now, and they are almost done.
  • Democrats don’t want citizens to have any independence, and they want government to have total control over all the citizens. They’ve been working on this for as long as I can remember, and that goes back over half a century.
  • Democrats want total control of the education system, and they’ve nearly destroyed it and dumbed Americans down to the point that brainwashing is quite easy now through the main street press and through our public school system and Universities.
  • Democrats hate all things God. They want to close churches, eliminate the constitutional right to religious freedom, and they hate anything related to Christianity with a passion. The eliminated any mention of God from their DNC platform. Tell me the democrats aren’t the party of satan!
  • Democrats don’t play the game of politics fair anymore. They consider conservatives and especially Christians as mortal enemies, and they don’t just want to beat you at the polls, they will commit voter fraud if they have to win, and then they don’t just intend to let you go home with your tail tucked between your legs, whipped and silenced. They want you destroyed in every way possible, and they would prefer you were dead. Tell me that isn’t satanic!
  • Here’s a rhetorical question. Have you ever seen such lying, such false accusations, such slander as we’ve seen from the Democrats during the Trump administration? Did you ever imagine that Democrats would falsify evidence to attempt a coup against a sitting U.S. President? Did you ever think they would use our own national security agencies and our own courts to commit fraud. It’s never been this satanic.
  • These violent riots where people are being killed and beaten are totally owned by democrats, and the democratic leadership supports and encourages this violence and murder. Democrats even prohibited law enforcement from interfering, and now Democrats want to defund police departments..
  • There is virtually nothing immoral Democrats don’t support. Name one one. You can’t.
  • Illegal voting, fraudulent voting, voting by dead people? That’s a democratic policy, too.
  • How about an evil scheme to use minorities, particularly inner city blacks, to win their votes with lies and then stab them in the back in a hundred ways? That’s a democratic speciality. They may have a patent on that one.
  • Democrats want a one world government, a marxist regimes, which is a dictatorship. Please tell me that isn’t the party of satan!

This is what the Democratic Party has become–The party of satan. The list goes on and on. Today the Democratic Party is evil beyond anything most of us can imagine.

The Democratic Party has become the Party of Satan.

Perhaps a more accurate way to state that would be that Satan has taken over the minds and hearts of these evil democrats, and he now controls the DNC.

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By Morgan

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