• Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023

The MOST DELETED Video on INTERNET !!! Because THE TRUTH !!!

Dr. Sean Brooks – August 2021

According to sources, all websites have removed Dr. Sean’s professional information from their pages as a result of his statement during the epidemic. He is currently unknown to the public.

According to news stations and reports, Dr. Sean Brooks’ family, friends, children, career, and personal records have all been erased from his online presence.

His inappropriate speech has led him to an indecent life.



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One thought on “<strong>The MOST DELETED Video on INTERNET !!! Because THE TRUTH !!!</strong>”
  1. Thank God this doctor had the courage to tell the truth. The head lady of the CDC wants all white people killed who are not vaccinated with this poison. What an evil person from hell who need go back home there..

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