All these ppl. who think their ” experts” as far as this virus & the vaccine, shows me the pure Ignorance of what they truly know about this virus & the” vaccine”.

Corona has been around 4 a very long time. This particular corona virus was indeed made in a lab. How do I know this; because there is a patent 4 this strain of virus. Which means, this virus was created in a lab.

Who owns this patent? That would be Bill Gates company.

As far as the vaccine? Unless you ppl. have read the PATENTS 4 the vaccine than you don’t know the ACTUAL truth in regards to what is in this VACCINE & how it effects a person!! I will ask anyone who can explain why are there 18 HIV 1 fragments in this vaccine?

And plz don’t quote me from any mainstream media or even medical journal’s. They all have their marching orders to spin this vaccine as being ” SAFE”.

You would have to be a very naive person to believe that a vaccine that has never been tested, is safe!! It takes at least 10 yrs. 4 a so called ” SAFE” vaccine to be deemed safe!!

Ppl. will do more research, when getting a new car, than RESEARCHING a VACCINE that has NEVER BEEN TESTED!!

A little history lesson!! In 1986, President Reagan signed a law that the vaccine companies could not be sued 4 DAMAGES!!

Why was this law passed?

Because the pharmaceutical companies were going belly up due 2 the law suites against their damaging vaccines & so in ORDER to save the pharmaceutical companies, President Reagan passed this law.


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By Morgan

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