In a scathing monologue on Thursday evening, comedian and The Daily Show host Trevor Noah slammed Democratic Party politicians who violated the restrictions they imposed amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Several prominent Democrats have been caught violating their own COVID-19 guidelines. Notably, last month, Austin Mayor Steve Adler released a video calling on his constituents to respect the rules and stay home. As it later turned out, he recorded the clip from from his timeshare in Mexico.

Noah played Adler’s video, asking “What is it with these Democrats?” He then mimicked and mocked the mayor, “All my boys in the pool know what I’m talking about! Say what’s up, everybody.”

California Gov. Gavin Newsom and San Francisco Mayor London Breed have also been criticized for violating COVID-19 guidelines. Both were accused of hypocrisy after attending a private birthday party at an expensive restaurant while urging the American people to stay home, practice social distancing and wear protective face coverings.

“I’m sorry, man. Everyone has given up their lives and then you’ve got these politicians who are just hypocrites out here?” Noah asked, proceeding to mock Newsom as “Governor Hair Gel.”

“What, you guys think corona respects your office too much to come after you?” Noah continued, saying that the Democrats he mentioned are worse than the people who refuse to wear masks that protect from COVID-19.

“In a way, these Democrats are even worse than the anti-maskers because of their hypocrisy. At least when those dudes break the rules they’re open about it.”

Noah noted that he is aware of the fact that Republicans break the rules as well, holding mass gatherings and attending private parties, but said that the American public expects Democratic politicians to be better than that.


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