One of the amendments offered to the COVID bill this morning was by Senator Tuberville (R-AL), which would have prevented any money in the COVID bill from going to schools which allow biological men (who call themselves transgender women) to participate in women’s sports:

I can dig that! But of course, it failed as you might’ve expected with a party-line vote.

Yesterday AOC caught wind of the amendment and decried bigoted Republicans for obsessing over other people’s gender identity:

This is what Democrats always do. The take something evil and spin it around until they have a good face on it to try and make Republicans look like the evil ones.

She accuses Republicans of doing harm to children, but there should be no such thing as trans kids and any parent who allows it is guilty of mentally abusing their children. Period. Republicans want to protect children, not allow them to be brainwashed and indoctrinated by liberal parents.

Not to mention that by calling them ‘trans kids’, AOC is indicating her support for children getting transgender hormone therapies and surgeries in order to transition them to another gender. It’s sick!


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By Morgan

One thought on “Triggered AOC wants bigoted Republicans to stop ‘obsessing over other people’s gender identity’”
  1. Maybe when you stop shoving it in our faces we’ll not be so obsessive about it. Also, stop preying on our children. Stop.

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