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Trump Won? Order to Cease and Desist? Birx Arrested? Banks Closed? NESARA Activated? (Video)


Jun 2, 2021 ,

So many crazy things have been happening, that we may not know the half of it.

Things are happening beneath the surface and could be the following: a cease and desist order on all vax per President Trump? 

Med Beds coming to all states!!! NESARA/GESARA being activated right now! Birx arrested, Fauci on the run?

Here’s what’s discuseed, sssassination attempts; Arizona Flips? Georgia stolen ballets; Food shortage?

Russia Gold standard; Tribunals; CDC and WHO owned by BP;

There have been 50 Assassination attempts at President Trump!

There was an assassination attempt against Luchenko.

Source: beforeitsnews.com

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