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U.S. General Says West “Should Use All Tools” to assist Ukraine


Mar 24, 2021 ,

The West should consider using all its tools to help Ukraine, including sending defensive weapons, NATO’s top military commander said on Sunday.

Asked whether he was in favor of sending defensive weapons to Ukraine, US Air Force General Philip Breedlove told a Brussels conference: “What we see (is) diplomatic tools being used, informational tools being used, military tools being used, economic tools being used against Ukraine. And so we, I think, in the West should consider all of our tools in reply. Could it be destabilizing? The answer is yes. Also, inaction could be destabilizing,” he said.


A new batch of NATO military advisers arrived in MariupolUkraine.

According to the observations of local residents, the number of foreign military personnel in Mariupol has sharply increased. Among them are mainly English speakers, as well as Poles and representatives of the Baltic states. They began to appear more often in the city both in uniform and in civilian clothes over the past week or so.

In addition, traffic has intensified in the port of Mariupol. Equipment is being transferred from Berdyansk by sea.

 This is the second push for “action” by people in the West over what they call the Ukraine situation.  The first action was a public statement by the British Ambassador to Ukraine announcing the UK “will never accept” Crimea becoming part of Russia.

The public relations campaign to whip up a frenzy has clearly begun.   These people want a war with Russia and they are beginning the publicity push to drum-up public support.

It is interesting, though, that they refer to the Referendum Vote held by the People of Crimea, wherein about 97% of voters approved of Crimea going back to being part of Russia.   These same people in the West call that election “rigged” yet each and every one of them accept the overtly “rigged” November 3, 2020 election which illegitimately installed Joe Biden as (a phony) US President.  It is mind boggling what these people consider “rigged” versus legitimate.)

Source: halturnerradioshow.com

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