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Ukraine War Planned YEARS AGO Documents Reveal


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A 2019 Rand Corporation study commissioned by the US Army laid out exactly what the plan to undermine and weaken Russia through military support for Ukraine would be.

The study suggested arming Ukraine, imposing sanctions on Russia, ramping up economic warfare and taking a more aggressive and militaristic posture toward the United States’ international rival – all while warning that this could lead to a military invasion of Ukraine.


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One thought on “Ukraine War Planned YEARS AGO Documents Reveal”
  1. “That which does not kill you makes you stronger.” Russia is a good case study of that philosophical statement by Friedrich Nietzsche. The only question now is, will the policies of the UnitedSA kill themselves or will they recover and become stronger? Will the Nazi government of the UnitedSA survive the assault of the republic? Yes, we are the national socialists. We didn’t set out to become so, we grew into the role. Ever since the slaver Democrats were welcomed back into the Halls of Power after the Civil War we have been descending ever further into evil ways. National Socialism is as far left as human beings can go and there is no moral difference between that and the Progressives. The Progressive/Democrat alliance with the Rino/Neocons has destroyed the republic and that is what The Don is seeking to restore; not just a stolen term but the republic itself.
    God Bless Us All

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