The female member of the Ukrainian National Guard, Natalya Vovka, who entered Russia on July 23 and moved into the same building as Darya Dugina, stalked Darya, and planted a bomb to murder Darya by blowing up the car she was driving, has been found stabbed to death in a hotel in Austria.

Natalya Vovka was reportedly found with seventeen (17) stab wounds, laying dead in a hotel room in Austria.

Dead men (or women) tell no tales.

Looks as though Ukraine is tying-up “loose ends” by assassinating the Assassin.  Or perhaps Russia got even?


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By Morgan

One thought on “Ukrainian Assassin Who Bombed Russian Darya Dugina, Found STABBED TO DEATH”
  1. ¶So quickly? It was the Ukrainian Security Agency to whom she reported her location. I would think that the Russians would have to find her first while her bosses would just like her our of the way since she was identified.
    ¶God Bless Us All

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