• Mon. Mar 20th, 2023


Russia is now engaged in a NUCLEAR EVACUATION ‘DRILL.”  President Vladimir Putin is said to have ordered  this “Drill” and HIS FAMILY HAS BEEN EVACUATED!

Earlier today, the Second News covered a “sudden surge” in Commercial air flights inside Russia; far in excess of the typical number of flights; especially given the hour at which the planes took off — very late at night in Moscow and St. Petersburg (Story Here)

Now we can confirm that what is taking place is an actual NUCLEAR EVACUATION “drill.”

Television news from India is also confirming this news:

The big question right now is: What if this is NOT a “drill?”

 If it was merely a “drill” why would they be actually flying aircraft thousands of miles in the middle of the night?

And why would they fly aircraft unless there were actual people on those aircraft?

Oh, and once all those people are evacuated” then what?   Pretty convenient moment to do something else!

At 9:36 PM EDT tonight, Russia’s Ministry of Defense Facebook Page showed Russia rolling-out it’s ICBM’s. 

I earnestly hope you have all your vehicles fueled, all your preps stocked and packed, and are ready to bug-out at a moments notice.

Source: halturnerradioshow.com

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  1. Nuclear destruction is always possible and I would advise any world leader to keep his family out of the national capitals during such times as this or any time for that matter. After all, nuclear weapons may be smuggled into any place on earth and set off. As long as the perpetrator was careful about the sanitation of his weapon and kept his mouth shut the chances of being caught after a successful operation are very low indeed. In fact I think Washington should be entirely evacuated and the American government should operate over Skype. They should be afraid, very afraid, after all they are encouraging Iran, a dangerously fanatic Islamic Jihadist, to develop nuclear weapons. The short-sightedness of our masters in Washington is well known however and I suspect they will just sit there during the State of the Union addresses and yawn as the prexy of the moment delivers a speech that would be better printed up and posted on an official Pravda site.
    God Bless Us All

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