For example, Zhirinovsky says that it is necessary to launch a preventive strike against the Ukrainian army, without declaring war on all the troops at once.

Biden will go crazy by tonight – there is no Ukrainian army, and there are no handlers. Otherwise we’ll still be face-down on the bench. We have to be tough and get it over with.

That is why he does not get many votes – the president should be more diplomatic and use weapons only to repel an attack.

Here is the full video [link to (secure)]

He says that Zelensky will start bombing on 22.02. at 4 a.m., symbolically like Hitler.

Zhirinovsky has never called for bombing Ukraine to take over – he always talks about a preemptive strike because he believes that inaction leads to the death of the Russians.

Well, you cannot say the Russians didn’t warn you with large advance

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By Morgan

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