• Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023

Video: DeSantis Has A Message For The WEF & They’re Not Gonna Like It

The WEF-puppet regimes from Sri Lanka, the Netherlands, and Canada are all strangling their citizens with ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) policies.

Sri Lanka’s economy collapsed, while the Netherlands and Canada are on the same path of self-destruction to appease globalist influence.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is taking action to prevent ESG influence in Florida.

“The Florida State Pension System will now be under a “flat ban” against incorporating the globalist ESG platform into its investments,” Fox News reported.

“DeSantis told “Tucker Carlson Tonight” the proponents of ESG – which places what its supporters say are environmentally-necessary regulations – like to “wiggle around” definitions and verbiage to supersede the purely fiduciary responsibilities of fund managers.”

Claus Schwab already revels their policies:

So DeSantis decided to go all in against WEF!

“Things like the World Economic Forum, those policies are dead on arrival in the state of Florida.”

“I want to have the values not of Davos imposed on us but in places like Destin and Dunedin where I grew up” – Ron DeSantis

Video below:

Florida began its campaign against “woke” corporations ahead of the 2022 Session. This year, the Legislature passed and DeSantis signed what he calls the “Stop WOKE Act” to combat CRT. The law, which is being challenged in courts, prohibits classroom lessons and corporate training from telling people they are inherently racist, sexist or oppressive because of their race, color, sex or national origin.

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Source: defiantamerica.com

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One thought on “Video: DeSantis Has A Message For The WEF & They’re Not Gonna Like It”
  1. Klaus Schwab and his WEF is an economic con game to separate rich investors like Bill Gates from their cash. Like all good scams it is necessary to give the marks a good come on and return for their ‘investment’. I thought the fellows forking over their easily earned millions weren’t getting anything but a week of lionization in Davros. I guess the the destruction of the Netherland’s economy will show the ‘investors’ that Klaus Schwab delivers the goods.
    ¶God Bless Us All

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