• Wed. Mar 22nd, 2023

VIDEO: Real Story about shelling in Ukraine’s Kyiv flattens Shopping Mall

With one rocket, one huge trade mall does not collapse so dramatically.

This is proof that this civilian facility in Kyiv seved as a huge weapon storage.

Must watch:

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One thought on “VIDEO: Real Story about shelling in Ukraine’s Kyiv flattens Shopping Mall”
  1. Aren’t directed munitions sweet? They have helped considerably in reducing civilian casualties. Obviously, a formerly civilian establishment such as a mall could not possibly have been up and running as a retail establishment in the current situation. Does anyone doubt that it was being used by Ukrainian military? Why would the Russians waste expensive munitions on a civilian target? They too love the people of Ukraine. They waited 8 years, long years, while the Donbass was repeatedly shelled and attacked
    before making the necessary move to reestablish the Neutral Zone. Why did the West ignore their most capable advisors such as Henry Kissinger who said that Ukraine should function as a valuable neutral state for trade and other commerce between the multi-polar world? Because though Kissinger had brains, they do not, only the hubris of Lucifer before the fall. God Bless Us All

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