Where’s the clapping, whistles and jumping for joy?

Silence is deafening!

Oh yea, that’s only reserved for a real elected president who is loved and adorned.

The view from Biden’s motorcade as it made its way up to the Capitol

Quite different than President Trump in Florida.

People will realize very soon what they have done.

I wish President Trump could have done more and am disappointed but hard when the swamp is so deep.

Hope he keeps fighting for us somehow.

Flag of United States
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By Morgan

7 thought on “VIDEO: Soldiers didn’t Salute and Many Turned their Backs on Biden’s Motorcade Today.”
  1. I’ve been crying all day and that video made me soooo happy. Biden is an illegitimate person taking control of this Country and he’s already almost destroyed all of the good that President Trump has done. I will never call Biden Pres. He will never be our President. I’m still holding out hope that President Trump still has that card he hasn’t played yet. God Bless

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