• Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023

WEF Errand Boy Selected to Replace Bojo

A British Indian by the name of Rishi Sunak will be England’s next Prime Minister.

At my USG job right Before Christmas our bosses had us register a domain “www.readyforrishi.com.” You can look this up yourselves on the dates.

Yesterday Boris Johnson resigned and we were tasked to wire money to a Panamanian Law Firm to pay 2 organizations SLG Group and Black Cube to remove all anti south Asian and anti Indian on mainstream social media platforms and to promote pro-immigrant and Pro-British Indian vibe on the interwebs.

They will also make sure Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland remain unified under one global mentality sentiment.

I’m a pretty mid-level dude at my work but when we went to Davos in May, this guy was getting wooed by every banker and world leader. Homie will not be elected. He is chosen and approved by the powers that rule this realm

He is also a board member of the World Economic Forum under Klaus Schwab.”

From Reddit Conspiracy

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