The Cosmic Secrets

The universe beyond Earth amazes everyone from a toddler to a fully grown-up person. The twinkling star-studded night sky, spreading light, makes us wonder about those little flickering lights.

We find solace and get satisfaction after gazing at the night sky, identifying constellations, and sleeping in the blanket of stars.

Do we really know anything about the world of Cosmos?

The universe is a complex maze with the darkest and deepest secrets which has amazed people from all walks of life. Even after so many discoveries, there are a plethora of secrets waiting to be disclosed and revealed. We watch in movies and cartoons about the extraterrestrial bodies and matters which roam about in the vast expanse of the universe, but at times in real life too we have come across or seen some awestruck things moving in the sky which ascend our inquisitiveness about the universe beyond Earth.

Extra-terrestrial bodies have an immense impact on our life. The bodies like Sun, moon, and stars visit as daily but occasional surprises like meteors and asteroids can amaze us with their occasional visits.

What has happened?

Can you imagine a big ball of fire moving swiftly in the sky and amazing the people watching? On Wednesday, people in the north-western city of China, Yushu, witnessed a unique and eye-catchy event. A giant ball of fire beamed in the sky. The locals in the Yushu city first saw a small light which gradually grew bigger and brighter. Many locals even heard large bangs. This very uncommon and fierce light can excite as well as intimidate the people watching. The celestial surprises and not welcomed with open arms. The surprise visit of celestial bodies can cause great harm to life and property.

What are meteors?

Meteors are the celestial bodies that are in constant motion. Meteoroids are very small as compared to asteroids and they can be as tiny as a grain of sand to a big spherical object with a one-meter diameter.

This is not the first time that we are witnessing such an event. We have relics from the past which helps us to know about such events that have happened in the very ancient past and we will continue to witness such events in the future to come. The old writings describe such occasional lights beaming in the night sky, the people getting nervous, running away, and hiding to save themselves from the anger of the god. There are many myths and stories revolving around meteor visits.

So let’s adore these occasional celestial visits, wondering about their origin and final destination in solitude. Let’s give rebirth to our inner child and be inquisitive, ask questions to find answers. The world is giant and amazing, with many secrets waiting to get unfolded.


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By Morgan

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