The whole world will know between March and April, 2021 all the lies they have been told by mainstream media.

This nightmare movie is all about to end.

So close up your popcorn box and let’s get back to the new normal, the one without masks and ridiculous illegal lockdowns.

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By Morgan

6 thought on “White House Closed Forever As The Truth Comes Out! Las Vegas Meeting Reveals All To The Patriots! – Must Video”
  1. The Harvest is here.
    Truth reveals the green tares from the golden wheat. Discern. Love with action is to be done locally. This is the key. Only in your town can change blossom to benefit all. Seek Truth to reveal knowledge, it is life.

  2. This is despicable, they have no souls & been in charge of all our tax paying dollars. Everyone of them need to be sent to Gitmo, executions be too easy on them. They need to suffer, go hungry, without baths, etc. the kids suffered & all involved here should be as well

  3. this is against humanity-May they all rot in hell but until then, may they suffer to the highest degree. Maybe put each one in tunnels like they did the children

    1. He had to be there to begin the job of dismantling it. Why did Melania stay in NYC for a year? To keep her son safe.

      She was a model for years. She knew about the sex trafficking trade. How many friends had she lost? Millions of children missing will never be found.

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