Baltimore, Maryland — On May 4, at approximately 4:00 p.m., officers with the Baltimore County Police Department responded to a home on Boundbrook Way for the report of a physical domestic disturbance.

The 911 caller stated that a man, later identified as Ralph Picarello III, was inside the home throwing items at a family member.

Once on scene, officers were informed that Picarello also held a knife to a family member and himself.

While officers were inside the home speaking to Picarello, he picked up a knife and carving fork. Officers gave commands to drop the knives, but Picarello did not comply.

Picarello then moved quickly towards officers with the knife and carving fork. One officer deployed their taser and Officers D. Manning. and L. Pellegrino discharged their firearms, striking Picarello.

Officers rendered aid to Picarello until EMS arrived.

Picarello was later pronounced dead on scene. No one else was injured during, the encounter.

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By Morgan

One thought on “Wild: Knife Wielding Man Gets Shot By Police Officers After Beating And Threatening His Own Mother With A Knife!”
  1. Clean shoot. The officers behaved in line with expectations. This video shows what a blessing TO THE COPS body cameras have become. The criminal (alleged) clearly picked up weapons, was threatening and then charged at the officer who warned and responded as he should. At least if you believe your own eyes. Some people don’t for political reasons.

    God Bless Us All

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