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WWIII could kick off with an industrial goods embargo launched by China


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They could stop all industrial exports coming out of the mainland.

They could even do an export embargo on stuff coming out of Taiwan, – chips, etc.

This would trigger an industrial and economic collapse in the USA before a single shot is fired.

If you recall your WWII history our strong industrial base was the reason we won WWII.

We do not have the skills or the industrial capacity to do it again.

I have been slowly building up my hobby machine shop, and trying like crazy to use only USA made stuff, it is impossible.

My preference for purchasing tools: USA made, Taiwan made, German made, Chinese made

The only USA bench grinder I could find was a Baldor and prices start at $600, so I bought a Taiwanese made Jet grinder for $300.

We are absolutely in a very precarious situation.

The Navy can’t keep up with maintenance on ships and subs during peace time, how the hell are they going to swing war-time maintenance and repair?


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