• Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023

All The Signs Point to a N.W.O. Takeover! – Juan O Savin, Gen. Michael Flynn, Patrick Byrne, X22 Dave, Ricardo Rossi! – Must Video

Dave, the 2A isnt just for killing, but for threatening. It is our big stick. We also believe 100% it is God given. When it was said that it is our right, our duty to “throw off”, does that sound “peaceful”? Some of us have taken an oath to God to do just that.

The White Hats are telling us, for over a year, to NOT do our duty. THAT does not compute. I am not trained to attack, well, on the ground.

But I will follow and can do everything else needed. SERE, and other schools, have taught me to do everything but attack on the ground. But they taught me to never surrender or lie down. That is exactly what we have been asked to do. Last year was a “gimmie”. I know the guys I was trained with and flew around are not going to wait much longer.

Juan keeps saying we lose if it goes to blows. Juan needs to remember Gideon and Gods work with Gideon’s Army. Either God is on our side, or He’s not. If He’s not, we lose anyway.

They better show SOMETHING very soon, or THEY start looking like a PSYOP to keep us at bay. PSYOPS go both ways, and there are counters to counters. As the saying goes, put up, or shut up. X22 is at the top of my watch list, so I know you know this.

I am just venting, and waiting for that first shot…

Source: beforeitsnews.com

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