If joe Biden gets his wish, the military will soon discharge soldiers who refuse a Covid-19 vaccination, Real Raw News has learned.

Currently, vaccines are scarce and vaccinations are voluntary, except in certain circumstances. Soldiers wanting the vaccine get it at once, if available, or are placed on a waiting list; those opting out, however, are put on a different type of list, a directory of undesirables the DoD will investigate for ties to “anti-vaxxer” movements, a pejorative phrase often used to describe persons who question vaccine safety and efficacy.

An administration source speaking under promise of anonymity told RRN that Biden aims to weed out non-conformists, and Biden believes that anyone refusing a vaccine must be a Trump supporter.

“Biden sees a direct link between Donald Trump and people who won’t get a jab,” our source said. “He sees Trump as the preeminent figurehead of the anti-vaxx community, and Biden has said there’s no room for anti-vaxxers in his military.”

According to the Department of Defense, 30% of enlisted soldiers between 18-25 years old have opted out. That percentage drops precipitously with age, and only 10% over the age of 35 have chosen to not get vaccinated.

Nonetheless, both figures have caused considerable alarm within the administration, our source said..

“The DoD expected some resistance, but nothing like the figures we’re seeing. They’d anticipated like 3-5% among all ages, so these 10 and 30 percent figures have alarm bells sounding throughout the Pentagon,” our source said.

Biden, he added, pitched the idea to Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley, and Dr. Anthony Fauci, all of whom reportedly agreed that vaccine denialists posed a health menace to the entire military. But other Joint Chiefs were less receptive to Biden’s agenda, with Marine Corps commandant Gen. David H. Berger arguing that discharging 10-30% of soldiers across all branches of the military would irreparably damage the nation’s defense posture. He also noted the troops Biden wanted to cut—young, healthy persons with no comorbidities–were among the least likely to suffer serious side effects of the virus.

“Gen. Berger asked Biden why he simply didn’t make the vaccine compulsory, so people didn’t get a choice, and Biden absurdly responded he’d have know way of knowing which soldiers were anti-vaxxers or loyal to Trump if he did that,” our source said.

Biden then employed an illogical analogy, likening vaccine deniers to soldiers refused to wear “steel helmets” on the battlefield because they thought they wouldn’t get shot in the head.

“Kevlar,” Gen. Berger corrected him. “It’s called Kevlar. We no longer use steel pots. And I’m not sure that’s ever happened.”

“You make suggestions, I make decisions. I’m the president,” Biden purportedly told him.

In closing, our source said the administration is still figuring out logistics on Biden’s plan, such as whether to have a mass purge, or slowly discharge soldiers to avoid a media frenzy. Also, Biden said he would decide whether discharged soldiers be denied access to VA services, labeling them potential super spreaders.

Source: Real Raw News

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By Morgan

3 thought on “Military to Discharge Soldiers who Refuse Covid-19 Vaccination”
  1. What a closed minded ass hole Biden is. No you only make problems Biden not decisions. You never made a decision worth a dam in 47 yrs in the senate. Generals make real life decisions and take actions to follow through. Not sit on their laurels like you. You are not qualified to be commander and chief of the arm forces. I am a Vietnam Veteran and I will stand in front of all Generals to protect them but surly not you.

  2. Biden is a dictator. Everyone had the right to to refuse the vaccine inclusive ic the military. His dementia is dhowing snd he is erratic snd destructive.Soldiers are faithful
    Tom their belief and vaccines are made from cell from aborted babies. That alone is an argument against the vaccine specially if one is catholic. It is truth that Pfizer has stepped and “no” longer using those cells but how do we know we have we whole truth and only the whole truth, which J doubt. Biden is placing America national securities at risk if he discharged those soldiers exercising their rights and opening the door to the Chinese communist Him and Harris are too dumb to know people can refuse experimental vaccines as neither has been approved by FDA for emergency. Well
    How long is the governement and the “Faucier” seems his emergency will last. There are states abolishing all the so quote safeguard. That speak for itself! It is a Washington political maneuvers.

  3. This is part of the purging and vetting process by which the U.S. military will be converted into the American Peoples Liberation Army, which will be used for domestic political repression. The push for vaccination and continued funding by the illegitimate regime of the Wuhan Biological Warfare Laboratory suggests that more viral weapons are being prepared for use on us, to which The Capital and its peacekeepers want to be immune but not those of us out in the Districts. This may also be part of a plan to create invincible cybersoldiers by the injection of gene-changing operating systems into the myrmidons of the New State. Vaccinations and masks will remain totems of the regime, like hammer-and-sickle pins, swastika armbands or Chairman Mao’s Little Red Book in other totalitarian countries. Finally, standing down the whole military for Cultural Revolution struggle sessions followed by reduction in its numbers through mass discharges is an effective way to tell the Chicoms, “take Taiwan and the South China Sea – please”. Down with the dictatorship! Biden delendum est!

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