• Tue. Sep 26th, 2023

Situation Update, May 11th, 2021 – Hyperinflation Begins In America As Gas Stations & Refineries Shutdown! – Mike Adams Must Video

The Fed Printing Confetti to Oblivion As Inflation Goes Out Of Control

The economy is on the verge of another mega-depression.

Hyperinflation on the way….everything from lumber to chlorine is through the roof.

Quietly and in passing,not even on the news.

Debt 28 Trillion ,running debt increase 2 Trillion year on year ,US money printing 3 Trillion year on year.

Declining value 49% year on year.

The US dollar is even as bad as the Bolivar.

 We are in multiple bubbles.

Around the world, factories have gone offline, schools have been suspended, and entire cities have been locked down.

The global economy is going down like the titanic. This is now about the economy. The world economy is not slowing down. It has literally come to a screeching halt.

Supply disruptions are already occurring at the ground level.

Almost 75% of companies have reported supply chain disruptions, according to a new survey released by the Institute for

Supply Management . The real exposure is companies with no real assets to weather this storm.  

So much debt, so much just in time cash flow.  

Source: beforeitsnews.com

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