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Boris Johnson – “Military aid to Ukraine is no longer enough to defend it.”

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson, said Sunday “Military aid to Ukraine is no longer enough to defend it.” 

Ever anxious to exercise AMERICAN military might, and shed AMERICAN Blood, this is the “go” signal to other NATO members that the UK wants a military intervention with troops into Ukraine; which will result in literal World War 3 with Russia. 

Commentary Opinion

I get tired repeating that this war is NOT just about Ukraine.

Russia prepared for this war since 2014 when the EU and USA overthrew the Ukraine government and installed a puppet government there. NATO has been preparing as well.

Ukraine is just the first step. Ukraine as a NATO member or under NATO control, is important because it gives NATO a massive opportunity to strike Russia without exposing Western Europe, or at least this is what West is thinking.

Ukraine under Russian control is EXTREMELY important for Russia, because it is a huge buffer against NATO.

Two of the Baltic states that are NATO and border Russia are INSIGNIFICANT, so the argument that NATO already borders Russia is null. Russia can overrun them in 24 hours.

So, again, until FACTS will catch up, this war is not about Ukraine, or not just about Ukraine.

It is a war of survival for Russia, and a war of expansion for the West, aiming at dismantling Russia and stealing its resources, just like Iraq, Libya, Syria, and ~20 other countries the West invaded in the last 70 years.

Who is going to win this war? The big one, not the Ukraine war?

The ones fighting for survival …OR NO ONE, because those fighting for survival WILL nuke the shit out of the West.

Whether we like it or not, WW3 is imminent, and will be nuclear.

Slowly, but surely, those of us who argued that this war was clearly in the making for a long time, are proven right.

There is no way in hell that NATO and Russia “just” happen to be on a collision course after a few months.

There is no way in hell that Russia just decided to invade Ukraine, without knowing that NATO will intervene.

There is no way in hell that both NATO and Russia did not know, since the 2008 Bucharest Summit, that war is going to be inevitable, and both sides prepared since at least that point in time.

I don’t want to see war except in documentaries. I live extremely close to an area that will see WW3 . . . New York City.  And even if this WW3 will not affect the entire world, or the entire Europe, it will 100% affect where my house is.

The U.K. is ALWAYS saying first what the U.S. will say later.   So when Boris Johnson said today “Military aid to Ukraine is no longer enough to defend it” that’s the gigantic balloon going up.

Americans would do well to remember that we threw-off the King of England because he and his minions were despicable, lying, cheating, thieving, people who did great harm to us.   

The British do not call what happened between us and them “The American Revolution” they call it “The American Insurrection.”   

They never got over us breaking away and never forgave us for daring to do so. 

Britain wants HARM to come to the United States because Britain is a little country, with a little economy, and a little military that can’t do much of anything anymore.  But with America and Russia GONE, Britain would once have the ability to create a British Empire.   

Britain wants us all dead so their little, insignificant country can rise in world stature again. 

But Britain can’t defeat us, politically, economically, or militarily.   In addition, Britain cannot defeat Russia.  Soooooo, Britain is trying to get America and Russia to fight each other, and KILL EACH OTHER, so we’re all out of its way.

The advice and desires of Boris Johnson and the United Kingdom should be viewed by Americans as the deadliest of snake venom.

I had hoped that this war could be avoided, and still hope…but once the U.S. began deploying the omen of war in the area (A-10 jets), which arrived in Norway this weekend as seen in photos below, my hopes diminished to an absolute zero.

Four A-10’s arrived in Norway. Six others flew to North Macedonia on May 7th.

I spoke to a US military contact Sunday afternoon and he told me directly:

“Russia has a very large and effective fleet of nuclear submarines that lie off the coast of the U.S. They have a great number of nuclear-tipped missiles that can evade any defenses we have. If there were a nuclear war, all of northern Virginia would be essentially annihilated.”

“The Pentagon would simply be a glowing mass of molten sand. There would be no human life there. There would be no human life for many miles around it. Just across the Potomac, the nation’s capital, there would be no life remaining in the nation’s capital”

“…you have the Norfolk Naval Shipyard, you have the Port of Norfolk. You have the greatest accumulation of naval power on the face of the Earth. This is where we park all of our aircraft carriers, our nuclear submarines, all of those things. There would be nothing remaining.”

I would be on guard for anything within the next 24 hrs.

It doesn’t make sense why Trudeau and his ministers would be in Ukraine, along with Pelosi, Jill Biden, …Bono…

Add this to the pope saying Russia assured him it would end today, and the fact of Russia holding a parade.

The parade strikes me as a ruse.

Putin is moving his troops from Syria, and with Boris Johnson’s comment things are extremely tense right now.

It has a feeling that something is being built up to. A-10 warthogs brought in, and the only way they can be piloted is having the crews who are assigned to them and know the aircraft.  U.S. crews.

I think NATO joins in the war VERY VERY soon!

It may be a matter of hours or days, but it looks like that’s what is going to happen.


Russian State Duma Speaker: “The declaration of the G7 not to allow Russia to achieve victory in Ukraine is evidence of the success of our military operation. Russia has smashed NATO’s plans to expand eastward.”

The president of the Russian Space Agency just said, “If there is a nuclear war, we will wipe out NATO countries from the world in 30 minutes.”

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said that “peace cannot be accepted on Russia’s terms: There should be no dictatorship of the world by Russia. The Ukrainians will not accept him, and we will not accept him either”

According to the Social Media Post below, Russia is sending GENERAL MOBILIZATION NOTICES out TONIGHT!

And ANOTHER one:


 Russia is reportedly transferring units from Syria to Ukraine. These Russian units will cede bases to Iran and Hezbollah. Israel will be on high alert.



Look what the Pentagon announced today in the social media posting below . . . Who asked them? . . . . and WHY do they feel the need to say this??????

Source: halturnerradioshow.com

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One thought on “Boris Johnson – “Military aid to Ukraine is no longer enough to defend it.””
  1. Morgan, you are alarmed. This is because you are awake and aware of the dangers. When the US began the propaganda campaign at the beginning of Russia’s recent military movements in preparation for invasion, I knew there would be trouble. We told the Russians, nay ordered them, to cease moving their military forces within their own borders. We have pulled another boner stunt just like the overthrow of the functioning republic of Iran back in the 50’s. We engineered the overthrow of Ukraine’s government in 2014, obviously. Another CIA and MI6 initiative ordered I’m sure by our duly criminally-appointed governments. Events moved slower back then and Iran did not border Russia. It took many decades for the KGB to overthrow the Shah. The threat is more immediate and the insult is far greater. The Russians reacted practically instantaneously as far as world events are concerned. First they assisted the refusal of the Eastern Ukraine to submit to the criminally formed government. I was delighted as I have long hated my own government for its totalitarianism and hypocrisy. America suffered a black eye.
    *****Preparations were completed and Russia held some minor maneuvers in the south-west on their own territory and their new-found friendly partner Belarus which was greatly angered at the EU’s insistence that they absorb large numbers of Middle Eastern immigrants. Russia has played a steady and reasonable game once again. When the time was right, they moved to confirm and protect the new Eastern Ukrainian Republics. The moves towards Kiev were a probe and a test of material and tactics. It is proven now that as presently constructed the turreted tank cannot be used as the tip of the spear of Blitzkreig against infantry anti-tank capability. This was actually so, though not as evident, at the end of WWII. When the easy victory was denied they adjusted and have shown flexibility in battle. Superb. The Iraqi conscripts put up little concerted resistance during our invasion of Iraq and the new realities of Blitzkrieg were hidden until Ukraine. The Russians returned to their main mission, the establishment of Eastern Ukraine.
    *****The Russians are not so quick to fly off the handle as you may imagine in your fears Morgan. Do not think I myself haven’t had these fears, I have. The danger is real, the possibilities are catastrophic. Warthogs are moved around all the time, troops are placed and sabers are rattled. If the British think we are so easily gulled and maneuvered by classic English foreign policy I believe they are mistaken. Braden and his criminal cronies are of course using this for domestic political gain. It hasn’t really been that successful as only their Rino/Neocon war-hawk allies have fully climbed aboard the Forever War train to a lessoning such as we received in Korea and Vietnam.
    *****I won’t go into the military consequences of pushing our Air Force and Army into the Ukraine, much less our Navy into the Black Sea. Let me just say that our military leaders can read a map at least as well as I. The Russians will use Ukraine with its West puppet-government to drain us of resources and weaken our currencies like never before. The costs will be in the trillion dollar range to rebuild and prop up the present West Ukrainian government. I believe the result of the present problems will be a divided Ukraine just like Korea is divided. Unlike Korea we are not the beneficiary of a dedicated and productive people. The Ukrainians are socialist in leaning due to their years of dependence on the Soviet Union.
    *****Of course my whole analysis depends on some sanity being shown by the western nations. I may be seriously underestimating our desire for self-immolation.
    *****God Bless Us All

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