Doctors were performing a routine brain scan on an elderly patient with epilepsy, he happened to have a fatal heart attack in the midst of it.

The findings from the scan show that during death, the brain activity was similar to someone who is dreaming, meditating, or recollecting memory.

Do you think this is evidence of DMT being released in the brain upon death?

Do you think this is evidence of “your life flashing before your eyes?”

Or do you think both?

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By Morgan

One thought on “Brain Scan Performed On Person While They Died, Capturing Brain Activity That Occurred”
  1. It is my belief that the mind consists of a pattern of forces generated by the electro-chemical activity of the organic brain. Thought is a force not an energy. I also believe that the mind and the soul are one and the same. The you behind your eyes, the awareness, the thoughts; that is your soul as well as your mind.
    God Bless Us All

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