• Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023

Minnesota Law Enforcement Source Reveals Thugs Threatened to Murder 100 Police Officers

“It took me $40 to get every name and address of every police officer in this state.”

An anonymous law enforcement source has revealed the extent to which police officers in Minnesota are being targeted by violent thugs, including threats to murder 100 officers.

With the trial of Derek Chauvin currently taking place in Minneapolis, threats against police are mounting. A law enforcement source spoke on the condition of anonymity to Patriotically Correct Radio host Stew Peters, revealing the extent to which police in Minnesota are being threatened at this time.

When police officers leave their shifts, they return to their personal vehicles which are parked in undisclosed locations. However, thugs are now following police who are in strategic locations in Minneapolis when they get into their vehicles, with officers having guns pointed at them as they try to get home from work.

The officers are currently prevented from engaging with these people, the source claimed, despite the extreme nature of the confrontations. The whistleblower further provided Peters with an email from an anonymous thug, who claimed they had the addresses of “every police officer in the state,” including their families, and threatened to kill 100 members of law enforcement:

Funny thing is, it took me $40 to get every name and address of every police officer in this state including their families. Who is in control now? You f**k with me, and I’ll take everything you care about from you. $700 is the price of a life. I f**king dare you to test me. I have enough cash to have 100 of you taken out in 24 hours. Funny part is that you’ll never find me or where the money came from.

National File earlier reported on information from the same sources, which also revealed to Peters that known gangbangers from Texas arrived in the state with a cache of firearms and over 1,300 rounds of ammunition, while bounties are reportedly being placed on police officer by far-left gangs and militant groups.

Peters further confirmed that “20 to 40 buses” are estimated to be arriving in Minneapolis this week from “all over the country, full of antifa rioters equipped with helmets and gas masks,” ready to “inflict violence and pain” on ordinary citizens.

Source: National File

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