• Sun. Sep 24th, 2023

[VIDEO] MI National Guard Stationed in DC Share Pics of Raw Chicken They’re Being Fed

Biden admin makes our troops sleep in garages and serves them raw chicken…”America’s Back” 🥴

Why are our soldiers still occupying DC?

This is something that is perplexing a lot of Americans.

It’s the big million-dollar question.

Why does the most “beloved and popular” politician of our lifetime – a man literally “hailed by the nation” as the most amazing leader of our lifetime (lol) – need all of this security?

Why? Because a few hundred unarmed people got rowdy and bum-rushed the Capitol?

We saw way worse happen for 3 months straight this past summer when leftist mobs burned down cities during violent and terrifying riots that killed over 20 people – and the Dems not only ignored it, they also bailed the “protesters” out and encouraged more.

So, why the sudden fear? None of it adds up, right?

And now, to make matters even worse, we’re learning that Michigan National Gaurd who are stationed in DC are being fed raw chicken.

Here’s what local MI reporter Brian Abel said: “Soldiers from the Michigan National Guard who are protecting the US Capitol in DC have been fed undercooked, and underwhelming meals. One Staff Sgt. tells me that metal fragments were found in meals on Sunday. Our first @wxyzdetroit report:”

You can watch the video below:

I guess having the troops sleep in the garage wasn’t demeaning and awful enough.

The Biden admin had to add on “raw chicken” to really seal the crummy deal.

As Biden would say, “America’s Back.”

Yep…The crappy Obama years certainly are back…

Source: waynedupree.com

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