• Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023

“ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE”! Brought to you by the CDC

Predictive Programming at the CDC Website Foreshadows Nationwide
Public Health Crisis Triggered by Covid Injection Disease and Death

The Following Unbelievable Screenshot from the CDC’s Website can be Found at:


If the totally crazy content posted at the official CDC website is any indication, the “State of the Nation” is about to enter a rapidly accelerating downward spiral to a “Zombie Apocalypse”.

In view of the following poster, that is also posted at the CDC site, it appears that the Big Pharma-owned and operated Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is  preparing for a very real  “Zombie Apocalypse”.
(See: https://www.cdc.gov/cpr/zombies/#/page/1)

Why else would the CDC allocate so much website space to content regarding  a “”Zombie Apocalypse”, “Zombie Pandemic” and “Zombie Apocalypse”?!?!

Just take a close look at all the search results that are listed at the CDC site to understand how seriously those Big Pharma operatives are taking the coming Zombie Pandemic.

Given the unparalleled number of deaths and vaccine injuries directly caused by the various COVID-19 injections, it’s clear that the CDC is expecting an overwhelming public health crisis through 2021 and beyond.

Of course, this manmade public health disaster will be blamed on the coronavirus pandemic, when in reality it’s due to the highly experimental and extremely dangerous gene-altering Covid ‘vaccines’.  As follows:

Zombie Preparedness Outreach

For anyone who doubts just how seriously the CDC is taking the outreach of “Zombie Preparedness”, consider this screenshot from their site. (See: https://www.cdc.gov/cpr/zombie/novel.htm)


It should now be apparent to every American that the CDC is quite deliberately socially engineering the US citizenry into an expectation of a “Zombie Pandemic”, which will only exacerbate as more folks receive the deadly Covid shots.

The fearmongering graphics, absurd novel and other pieces of the CDC’s “Zombie Preparedness” media campaign all point to the great likelihood that they are determined to manufacture a full-blown “Zombie Apocalypse”!

There can be only one conclusion to this truly shocking CDC psyop: Even the CDC has been completely taken over by stone-cold criminals and crazy cultural marxists.

Clearly, the CDC believes it enjoys complete impunity where it concerns the massive liability associated with the promotion of hazardous COVID-19 vaccines that were specifically approved by the FDA for “Emergency Use Only”.

Just how scary will the upcoming “Zombie Apocalypse” turn out to be?

Bottom Line: The CDC, FDA, NIH together with the Biden-Harris administration all know that the exceedingly toxic and perilous COVID-19 injections will bring about the worst public heath calamity in U.S. history.  Each of these treacherous agencies has become an extremely dangerous menace to American society, and needs to be shut down with all deliberate speed.

Source: tapnewswire.com

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