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Juan O’ Savin: All Hands on Deck!! The Time is NOW (Video)


Mar 12, 2022

Everything is accelerating to this moment in time! Juan discloses what’s next and what we can expect!

It’s all hands on deck and it’s GO time!!

Don’t miss this gem! 

Source: beforeitsnews.com

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One thought on “Juan O’ Savin: All Hands on Deck!! The Time is NOW (Video)”
  1. I have often thought that stymieing the will of the people in a representative republic is worthy of the most severe punishment. Perhaps capital punishment is not appropriate in this situation but who changed the machine’s presentation of what should simply be a report of the totals? Why are those totals being presented in any other way? Obviously it brings into question the validity of the usage of digital vote counting which needs simple hacking versus ballots which require physical deception.
    If ballot tampering, addition or subtraction can be proven and the perpetrator caught and proven, capital punishment is the only thing that will really stop shenanigans. The overthrow of the Republic is a serious matter requiring the most serious response. Operatives following the orders of superiors always have a feeling that if they can show they were only following orders (sound familiar?) they are absolved of responsibility. Even turning over the names of those who gave the orders should not be enough to avoid capital punishment. The superiors often have high political cover and cannot be brought to justice as they are above the law. Sound familiar? Catching and punishing the little fish is essential in the protection of the Republic the very essence of which is the election of the representatives. Tampering with this process leads to chaos and war. Capital punishment for those responsible will not sound so severe to a young man in a foxhole fighting in a Civil War brought about by “shenanigans”.
    God Bless Us All

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