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Juan O Savin Recognized Trump! The Lawful President Before 2024? – Must Video


Aug 5, 2022

Juan Repented heart is the start of all good things, daily then and only then can new growth start in the heart unbridled!! a mist with God of all things.


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One thought on “Juan O Savin Recognized Trump! The Lawful President Before 2024? – Must Video”
  1. ¶It saddens me to hear good people take heart from the real but uncertain hope of the return of our President In Exile. One assassination and that hope is either destroyed or the fire of fires begins. Hot Civil War. The Californians would probably secede just as a test of the Republican Party’s strength of will and I fear the Republic would take the path of Lincoln and accommodate the Confederacy once again. The sixteen states in the thrall of fake news, fake ballots and fake republics will then withdraw and the fat’s in the fire boys and girls. At that point, if it occurs, we should just let them go. The best revenge is living well and their evil will be withdrawn from our Republic which I would then have hope would return to being a representative republic as it was meant to be. If their dictatorships fail and our Republic succeeds they will want to return, this should be forbidden. The chaff and the grain must be separated. The worthless chaff will blow away on the wind and the precious grain is stored for the future.
    ¶Perhaps our Don will return in triumph waving the American Stars and Stripes and our hope is fulfilled, what would that mean? The can is kicked down the road once again. We will believe all is well and the evil Empire will practically continue working as usual. Once the Demonrats and their Rino/Neocon allies have reestablished their absolute grip on power, when the populist wave recedes, they will be in absolute control once again. This realization gives me great hope that our Don is as safe as safe can be. I do like a wrastler. Perhaps the RINOs are hunted out of existence and the Neocons are totally discredited for the NWO/Capitalists they are? Will that change anything? The names will be changed to protect the guilty and all will be well in the Evil Empire of America the Terrible. “No plan of operations extends with any certainty beyond the first encounter with the main enemy forces.” Prussian Field Marshal Helmuth von Moltke the Elder. In other words, since we are constantly fighting, we will be winging it.
    ¶We are in a long and difficult struggle which has been going on since the colonies withdrew from the British Empire. We didn’t just fight the British for our independence and freedom we fought the Tories who became the Confederacy which was the Democratic Party. If anyone thinks that has changed, the semantic campaign of the evil ones has succeeded. The US Hegemony or Pax Americana is just a greater Pax Britannica. It is being attacked on more than one front. Domestically, in Ukraine by the Russians, on Taiwan by the Chinese, in Europe oddly enough Great Britain and several other of our ill-gotten provinces. “Oh mighty Smaug, your success has made you many enemies.” Bilbo Baggins in The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien. We have allies, we have our hero and standard bearer, we have space and time, courtesy of our allies in the fight against The Beast foretold in Revelations. We must pray not that God be on our side but that we are on His. God will win, His will be done. On Earth as it is in Heaven.
    ¶God Bless Us All

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