We can NEVER count on the dates provided.

The Military will conduct their operations on dates not known to the public.

They provide the disinfo to the researchers to confuse the enemy who is also listening in like the public.

This is how it is done.

Who is Michael Jaco:

Combat Veteran Navy SEAL with 24 years of experience with several SEAL Teams including SEAL Team-6. M

aster Training specialist designing many courses including the SEAL Team’s first Hand to Hand Fighting Course.

CIA security officer with 11 years in Combat Zones including Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Pakistan and Libya.

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By Morgan

2 thought on “Navy Seal Michael Jaco: Arrests Are Happening & Are in Reports & Visually Available For All to See! Be Ready on 2/5!! – Must Video”
  1. Mike Jaco,

    A somewhat recent post I put on FB. I’m surprised they did not “jail me” this time. I think you will understand it…..

    FACTCHECKERS. everything written here-in is historical contents from history books from the 1930s to the 1970s.

    Anarchy: The breakdown of law and order; a chaotic reign of terror, mob rule and rioting; the collapse of government authority. Anarchy is a slow process of teachings and propaganda to its inherent society of (normally spoiled) individual citizens. Citizens who have forgotten their original government principles and are led to believe their form of Freedom is bad. This takes years of concerted efforts by the opposing forces. Its goal is the deposing of all existing social conditions. (Karl Marx). This can be accomplished only by exerting the utmost effort, and thoroughly, carefully, attentively and skillfully taking advantage of even the smallest rift…..of every antagonism of interest…among the various groups and/or types of peoples, specifically citizen minorities and uneducated people within the various countries you want to control in the end.
    The near recent Spanish Civil War from 17 July 1936 to 1 April 1939 is a great example of this.
    Liberal Leadership of that time promised equality for all peoples. (Note; the phrase “people is used in various perspectives as not all are legal citizens). They had just won a questionable vote by the people. They were a small plurality, a left wing coalition of Socialists, Communists, and Anarchists who took control of the people’s thoughts and attitudes of the day. As a result, Communist minority forces infiltrated the Spanish Peoples Republic and started to take control of the streets by rioting, burning buildings, and burning Churches. The newly formed Liberal government didn’t show any interest in stopping the violence. Guns were confiscated from the people, prisons were emptied, and the prisoners were given guns and supervisory titles by the warring communist minority who were appropriating control of Spain, and their newly formed Liberal Government. The Soviet Union and other Allies started to ship weapons and ordnance to help with the uprising in Spain. All belongings, food and articles of worth were taken from the people and given to the conquering warring minorities who were growing in strength and numbers. By this point in time there was no turning back. Society began to see their mistake and when they started to protest, they were either shot, put in a torturous prison to mend their ways, or outright killed.
    The world was watching. The Times of London buried George L. Steer’s powerful eyewitness account — alerting the world that Hitler was helping the Spanish Fascists — in a single column on Page 17; The New York Times published this story at the top of their front page. “Britain didn’t want to upset the Germans,” Mr.Garcia Santa Cecilia, former journalist said. This type of reporting sounds strikingly similar to our news media reporting today. The press in Spain was now under the control of the warring Communist infiltrators. Honest reporting in those days was not allowed to publish what was actually occurring in Spain. Contrariwise, it was however reported that Spain was now living in harmony, and great things were happening with its citizenship.
    As a result the International Brigades were forming in February 1937. They were made up of about 630 British and Irish soldiers who had fired just 15 bullets each during their brief training, and were sent to attack a professional warring force three times their size that was backed by artillery and anti-tank guns from the Soviet Union. It ended, predictably, in slaughter.
    The peoples of Spain had broken Faith with their Christian Religion, their country and followed a few new intellectual agnostic elites, following their promises, surrendering away their arms, and became captive of Socialism and Communism.
    As fascist regimes in Italy and Germany poured troops and material into the conflict, the Soviet Union mobilized volunteers via the world’s communist parties, while sending a small cadre of generals and fighter pilots from the Red Army.
    As a result a far-right General Francisco Franco led a military coup against the newly elected government, the communist forces, and utilized the help of the International Brigade for a time. Victory was soon realized by General Franco and his liberating forces.
    The Streets in Spain were in total Chaos. At that time some realizing what was happening in Spain, the Lincoln Brigade was formed by a group of volunteers from the United States who served in the Spanish Civil War as soldiers, technicians, medical personnel and aviators fighting for Spanish Republican forces against the forces of General Francisco Franco and his Nationalist faction. But that was not enough to bring back the total Freedom the Spanish people had forfeited.
    However General Franco and his Forces were able to Liberate Spain from the Communists and take back their country in 1939. As a result, Spain came under the rule of Dictatorship General Franco until his death, but they did defeat the Communist short-lived takeover, given the opportunity in a 1936 election which almost destroyed Spain.
    I see similarities today in the United States. And unfortunately, too many of our citizens have been poisoned by the true Anarchists we have controlling the media, several large cities of government, our Educational Foundation of today, and several of our elected officials in our government. Are we now condemned to repeat history? The United States?
    A strong tactic is to create the appearance of popular support and have that minority power create false media for the masses to neutralize the opposition. Use social and civil conflicts in their society and create the illusion of hate by pitting one faction against the other. Create the illusion that a citizen who has been known to be of bad character was intentionally attacked by the local authorities. Also, create the illusion that the attacked citizen was an outstanding and loved member of his or her community.
    Generally, if the waring force has reached this point of control it is almost too late to stop the advancement of socialism/communism. Many today believe Communism is gone. It is not. It still operates under a different guise. One of those disguises is the Democratic Socialist Republic of Russia.
    The intended society has been poisoned by repeated propaganda and false education till they believe their cause is true and just. As Lenin said, “we can and must write in a language which sows among the masses HATE, revulsion and scorn toward those who disagree with their moral causes. Religion is the enemy of our stated objectives. God MUST BE REMOVED from a moral society. Their beliefs must now be transformed to the peoples. GOD MUST BE REMOVED from their beliefs. Once this has happened it will take an “Act of God” to restore His Power over the peoples. Agnosticism has taken control of that society. History has proven this to be true.
    This is very prevalent today. How many stories have been presented by the US Media to HATE and THREATEN the Police Departments and other institutions of authority? Members of the warring party and their supporting organizations to overthrow a moral government MUST continually embarrass, discredit and degrade their critics, “us”. (“Us” is a reference to those citizens who still hold firm to the United Sates Constitution as it was written). When obstructionists become too irritating (“us”), label them as Fascist, Nazi, or anti-Semitic. Constantly associate those who oppose with those names which already have a bad smell or connotation. This association will, after enough repetition, become FACT in the general public’s mind. It’s an old form of brainwashing, especially of the morally weak. If you can use their media outlets to do so, your mission is nearing complete control of their (moral) government. Communism cannot and will not operate in a “moral society such as the United States”. (Karl Marx).
    How many today use the word Fascist against the Republican Party and their elected leadership? Ask them which party freed the Slaves in the United States? A true “fascist” would have fought against the freedom for slaves. The main thrust is to cause morale decay with those who still believe in the United States Constitution. How many have already said our Constitution is outdated for today’s society, and needs to be changed. The 44th President has said this on more than one occasion. The warring party has made great advances against the America that many of our older citizens had once known. Besides the Civil War in Spain newer examples are Algeria and Cuba and how Communism worked to overthrow their previous governments is worth some study. Venezuela is probably the most recent example of how this all works.
    Get the people out in the streets. Quarrels should be provoked, especially among youth groups who are to be armed with knives, rocks and clubs, allegedly to protect themselves in an already manufactured societal decay, and tension. If the media supports this cause all the better to overthrow the intended moral government.
    The revolution in China in the 20thCentury is another great example of how this worked. Citizens cried out about “Police Brutality”. Their media outlets supported them. The goal was to divide the peoples, create the appearance of popular support, neutralize the opposition and precipitate mob violence. This creates the resemblance of a revolution. It worked. Only insurrection can guarantee the victory of the revolution without an armed invading army. The purpose of insurrection must be, not only the complete destruction, or removal of all local authorities and their replacement by new, but also the expulsion of all the existing landlords, and the seizure of their lands.
    How many have brought up the subject of reparations for slavery in the United States, and some have gone as far as to request “white peoples” give their homes to minorities as part of the reparation process. Study the histories of China and Algeria. Lenin wrote we must overtake Eastern Europe. Next the Masses of Asia. Then we shall encircle the last bastion of Capitalism, the United States of America. We will not have to attack; it will fall like overripe fruit into our hands. Khrushchev preached the same openly to the world masses.
    Read the book American Negro Problems by John Pepper (1928), specifically pages 8 through 10. African Americans, or Negro Communist Communities were the fruit of this publication. The seeds of racism and insurrection were planted. Jim Crowism, and the KKK grew in numbers. Conspirator groups were formed. Groups were taught to HATE EACH OTHER thus creating the appearance of popular support, and neutralizing the opposition.
    Dr. Martin Luther King (“We shall overcome”) saw all through this and did his best to stop this insurrection. He chose the political party of the Repubicans. He proposed a moral allegiance to bring together the races. His tactics were to use nonviolence and support the “Constitutional Rights of every American Citizen” as equals. Refer to the story of Mr. Perry Smaw, an 89 year old Greensboro, Alabama Farmer who opposed these Civil Rights Violent demonstrations taking place in the Sixties, and he was brutally murdered. He was not a player with the Civil Rights movement of that time. Terror is always a great oppressor of moral goodness.
    Lenin wrote, “It is through struggles that the working masses are prepared for the final conflict of power. As these strikes (or riots) grow in numbers and integrity, they acquire political character through the unavoidable collision and open combat with the capitalistic state officials. Mass action culminates in armed insurrection and civil war.”
    Today we have Antifa which was claimed only to be philosophical idea by Joe Biden, and BLM, whose leadership claimed to be trained Marxists. This is a contradicting view of what is occurring in our American streets today.
    I have drafted this concern of mine because my family and I have experienced the fall of a government. We were in Tehran, Iran from 1977 to 1979. We witnessed the atrocities somewhat comparable to our American streets today and the US Media outlets. At that time, I told myself America is too smart to allow such warring individuals to take control of our American government. The citizens of Iran were ignorant and not educated to what is happening in their streets. They followed the warring individuals with false promises, and enticed the citizens of Iran to believe this revolution is for their own good.
    My family and I have had first-hand experience that allows us to make such an assertion. Our Middle East experience in brief:
    Being in Tehran, Iran as a foreign government employee for the Iranian Ministry of War and ISIRAN (Information Systems Iran), I was hired because of my Vietnam experience. I was there when Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi (or the Shahnshah) departed Tehran for good on 16 January 1979. There were riots in the streets before and after his departure. It was a country in total chaos with the militant Jihad revolutionary council in full control. There was death and destruction everywhere. Food was scarce. The streets were not safe and smelled of death.
    I distinctly remember witnessing the burning of many buildings, hearing many explosions, the various screams of death, and random automatic rifle fire in the streets of Tehran. Death was everywhere. This was by design. Break the citizens down with true anarchy. They will then surrender to any promise of goodness.
    Fortunately, I was able to get my family out of Iran on the very last commercial flight that was arranged to save any American Citizens looking for escape. Shortly afterwards my life was directly threatened (“Yankee go home, or die”), and I escaped to Athens Greece with the help of a source I will not disclose here.
    Is America ready to concede its Capitalism or is it too late. Has God been entirely removed from our moral laws?
    American citizens are demanding equal outcome. They should be supporting equal opportunity. “Equal outcome, equal wages are the promise of socialism and communism.
    The only Salvation for America today is bringing God back into our Government, Schools and society as a whole and being the best moral society, we can be.
    It does not matter which political party is in control of our country if it is a just and moral elective. Anything else is the destruction of America as we know it today.

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