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These “Truths” Should Intensify Your Longing to Take Back Freedom! Pray! – AWK Must WATCH!


May 5, 2021 , ,

If crooked Biden isn’t really in charge (and I don’t believe he is) then why is he able to do so much damage and stop things like the rolling thunder parade?

This Buyden administration should be rescinded   No , reckless endangerment is when a so called vaccine that is not FDA approved is forced upon people! My Body my choice!

These liars in the criminal media are just as guilty as the criminal politicians and criminal ABC agencies! Communist bastards is what they all are who must be taken down by the military !

If they planned to keep their oath to the constitution the military must act ! ! !

Gates and the puppet masters must be removed from this earth or earth is doomed ! ! !

They want to exterminate we the people so we must do to them what they want to do to us. This is war people! 

Source: beforeitsnews.com

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