Sidney Powell dropped a bomb.

She took to Twitter to claim that China and Iran stole the election.

Here is the evidence we have so far:

This is huge news for multiple reasons.

The first is obviously the claim being made.  If Iran and China impacted this election enough for it to be considered “stolen” is obviously a major story.

The second is that Powell has the ear of President Trump. She has visited the White House multiple times over the last week. Everything she knows President Trump knows.

We need to see this evidence from Powell.


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By Morgan

One thought on “China And Iran Stole This Election”
  1. If you want to know the full story of Sidney and POTUS, watch the Ann Vandersteel interview of Patrick Byrne on YT, dated 12/22. Byrne was in that meetin and in that meeting, Trump appointed Sidney as General Counsel. That pissed some people off. When she requested an office, Trump’s back-stabbing people said now. When she asked for a WH pass to access the President, they said now. Mark Meadows is a back-stabbing traitor and is putting up an, “iron curtain” around the president.

    Byrne said he and General Flynn we’re both appalled at how some of the people in that room were talking to Trump…very disrespectful. At one point, both Byrne and Flynn stood up in reaction to a very disrespectful comment somebody made to Trump. They were both p*ssed and called him out.

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